IkorniCraft photo's (sea)kayak Caribou

The building-process of a (sea)kayak

The setting up of the moulds:
Seakayak Caribou frontview setting up of the moulds Seakayak Caribou sideview setting up of the moulds

applying and glueing of the woodstrips:
Seakayak Caribou sideview applying and glueing of the woodstrips Seakayak Caribou topview applying and glueing of the woodstrips

The fitting of the last strip:
Seakayak Caribou topview fitting of the last strip

Glassfibre and epoxy applied:
Seakayak Caribou topview in epoxy/glassfibre
Seakayak Caribou frontview in epoxy/glassfibre
Seakayak Caribou sideview in epoxy/glassfibre
The first result a wooden boat with 8 varnish layers? At the first glance it surely looks like it...

Applying of the (staple-less) deckstrips:
Seakajak Caribou Applying of the deckstrips
After applying glassfibre and epoxy on the inside now the finalisation.
The installation of the seat ,adjustable footrests and adjustable backrest.
And the measuring and installation of the floatbags.
Zeekajak Caribou afwerking binnenzijde

The gluing of the deck and gunwhales:
Zeekajak Caribou verlijmen dek en aanbrengen stootrand

The first trip:
Zeekajak Caribou eerste vaart